New Patient

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What to Expect as a New Patient


A thorough case history is taken on a new patient to determine if their problem is chiropractic related. The doctor will consult with you in depth about your history. It is at this point that Dr. Anderson will determine and discuss with you what testing is required for your specific case.


If Dr. Anderson believes that you have a chiropractic related problem, or a condition that needs further evaluation, a thorough examination will be performed. this examination often includes vital signs, range of motion, orthopedic tests, neurologic tests, chiropractic testing, and postural analysis.


X-rays are taken when determined to be necessary.  Minimum necessary views are taken and only when absolutely necessary. Modern film and screen combinations are used to minimize exposure.

Report of Findings

After carefully correlating your findings, Dr. Anderson will review his findings with you. Recommendations and options will be made that are specific to your case.