Dr. Anderson


A thorough case history is taken on a new patient to determine if their problem is chiropractic related. The doctor will consult with you in depth about your history. It is at this point that Dr. Anderson will determine and


If Dr. Anderson believes that you have a chiropractic related problem, or a condition that needs further evaluation, a thorough examination will be performed. this examination often includes vital signs, range of motion,


X-rays may be performed if indicated by the history and examination. Minimum necessary views are taken and only when absolutely necessary. Modern film and screen combinations are used to minimize exposure.

Report of Findings

After carefully correlating your findings, Dr. Anderson will review his findings with you. Recommendations and options will be made that are specific to your case.

Dr. Anderson

    Dr. Michael J. Anderson brings 20+ years of chiropractic experience. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Superior. Dr. Anderson has a doctorate from the Northwestern Health Services University in chiropractic care.

    He holds certifications as a Chiropractic Sports Physician, Independent Chiropractic Examiner, and in nutritional counseling.

    Certified DOT Medical Examiner Certified in Myofacial Kinesio Taping


    Dr. Anderson is very gentle and effective with his care. I would highly recommend him. --Wendy

    The problem was my neck. A first for me. I suffered for months. After my first visit with Dr. Anderson, I felt a “little” better. By my 3rd or 4th visit I was almost 100%. With weekly visits for about 2 months, I was 100%. I have continued visits to Dr. Anderson once a month and feel great! --Julie P.

    Dr. Anderson listens and gets you feeling better. The office staff is great and Daisy is wonderful! --Martha J.

    I've been a patient of Dr. Anderson since before this business was started in 2006. He is a great doctor and genuinely cares about his patients. He also has a great staff. I'm happy to recommend Anderson Family Chiropractic. --Diane H.

    I suffer from severe arthritis and loss of cartilage in both my knees. The pain had gotten so bad that I was unable to walk any distance without pain and had difficulty walking upstairs. I began seeing Dr. Anderson for adjustments and told him of my knee problems. He began gentle adjustments on my knees and taping them with kinesio tape. This has helped immensely with my knee pain! I am now able to walk 3 miles a day with little discomfort. With the help of Dr. Anderson's adjustments and taping methods, I have not had to resort to knee surgery. I would highly recommend Anderson Family Chiropractic to anyone! --Bonnie N.