April 2018 Newsletter

Healthy Aging: We Are All Getting Older, and That’s Okay!

While it is partially true that aches and pains are a part of getting older, there are many ways in which we can lead healthier lifestyles to help us ‘age better’. Starting from a young age and even after the fact, we can make choices that help our bodies feel better later in life. You can start by evaluating your plate. If you eat too many processed foods, try to replace them with whole foods with anti-oxidants like fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat food with healthy fats such as nuts, fatty fish, and avocados. Getting sufficient exercise is also important, this includes both cardiovascular and strength training in your routines. For adults, try doing at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every day. Stress is a contributor to many physical ailments. Relieve stress by embracing a positive attitude, getting involved with fun activities, and having a good support network. According to research, people with positive attitudes are healthier and lead higher quality lives. Finally, find a health provider like a chiropractor who can relieve common aches and pains and give you advice on nutrition and exercise.

Medical Bills are Feared More Than Illness!

According to a new poll, most Americans fear their medical bills more than their actual illness. As a result, 44% of people in the past year didn’t go to the doctor when they were sick or injured. Chiropractic is an affordable approach to treating common back, neck, and extremity injuries! Don’t wait, call today to be evaluated by our Doctors.

New Research in Nutrition Suggests Eating More Healthy Fats

For many years, diets low in dietary fats have been promoted. However, it really boils down to the type of dietary fats you are consuming. The problem with foods marketed as low-fat is that the fats are replaced with high amounts of carbohydrates such as sugar, refined grains, and starches to make them taste better. Refined carbohydrates are accessed by our bodies much faster than fats which can spike blood sugar and insulin levels and possibly result in weight gain and other chronic diseases like diabetes. One benefit to foods with healthy fats is that you actually stay full longer. In the morning, try replacing your cold cereal with a breakfast containing eggs, avocados, and a healthy protein.

So, what is a good fat? Foods higher in mono and polyunsaturated fats like olive oil, nuts, seeds, and fish can reduce risk for disease. Saturated fats found in red meats, cheese, and butter should be limited, but are much better than trans fats. Trans fats are to be avoided, these fats are found mostly in processed foods like margarine that contain partially hydrogenated oils suivez ce lien.

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